LED Lights for Caravans, Marine & Automotive

It makes sense to switch to LED lighting in caravans, boats and other vehicles. Reduce the drain on your battery with LED lighting. You can reduce your amp draw by up to 90% ensuring longer battery cycles and reduced charge time.

LED Replacements, All types and Sizes

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Caravan, RV, Marine and Auto LED Lighting

LED lighting will reduce power draw, extend your battery life and make changing a bulb a thing of the past. 12v LED lights provide an easy way to reduce the load on your battery system. Savings of up to 80% are possible plus a whole list of other advantages. Most lights can be replaced by simply changing the bulb, however we also stock new install options.

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Caravan Conversions...

Jayco Caravan

180w to just 20w power draw, this Jayco LED conversion resulted in a large reduction of power use, Read More...

Fluorescent to 12v LED

LED panel conversion kits replace caravan fluorescent lighting

Product Tutorials

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