Colour Temperature

Colour Temperature is a measuring system used to describe the "colour" of light. A black body radiator is used to measure the temperature in Degrees Kelvin. The Kelvin scale ranges from the colour of a flame, around, 1,900k to the colour of a deep blue sky, 10,000k. Anything below 5,000k is considered to be "Warmer", while anything greater than 5,000k is considered to be "Cooler"

It is important to be aware of colour temperature ratings when choosing lights. With advancements in LED lighting technology now a choice of a wide range of colour temperatures are available.

Quick Info

  • Colour Temperature A scale to measure light
  • Often referred to as CCT
  • Small numbers = "warmer" light
  • Higher numbers = "cooler" light
  • Warm White: 3,000k - 3,500k
  • Cool WHite: 5,000k - 5,500k

Cool White

  • Emits a clean white light.
  • Suitable for modern colour schemes.
  • Often used in bathrooms, kitchens and task areas.
  • Generally a brighter light.

Cool White Photos

Warm White

  • Emits light consistent with Halogen downlights.
  • Suitable for traditional colour schemes and natural building materials such as wood.
  • Often used in bedrooms, dining and living areas
  • Generally a softer light.

Warm White Photos

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