Cool or Warm Light?

Choosing lights is an important aspect to any project. LED lighting enables you to choose the "colour" of your light. We offer two main colour choices of "Cool White" (5,000k - 5,500k) or "Warm White" (3,000k - 3,500k). To learn more about the Colour Temperature scale please visit the Colour Temperature page...

Colour Temperature is a personal preference, some clients use one colour throughout to maintain consistency while others choose different colours for different areas.

Cool White

Cool white is a bright "clean" light, containing more blue in the light spectrum. Cool White works well with light, modern colour schemes. It is also very well suited to task lighting and areas where good illumination is required, such as Kitchens, Bathrooms and Work areas.

  • Emits a clean white light.
  • Suitable for modern colour schemes.
  • Often used in bathrooms, kitchens and task areas.
  • Generally a brighter light.

Cool White Photos

Warm White

Warm White is a "warm" light, containing more red in the light spectrum. Warm White works well with natural traditional colour schemes. Warm white ensures that colours remain rich and warm and works particularly well with timber. It is well suited to living, dining and bedrooms.

  • Emits light consistent with Halogen downlights.
  • Suitable for traditional colour schemes and natural building materials such as wood.
  • Often used in bedrooms, dining and living areas
  • Generally a softer light.

Warm White Photos

Lighting Plan Service

Building or renovating? Want to use LED, but unsure what colours to use? Take advantage of our Lighting Plan Service. Expert Advice and friendly service...

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