LED Signage

LED lighting is a great option for signage, due to its long life, low energy consumption and durability. Check out our Neon Flex, back lighting modules and Billboard lights specifically developed for the signage industry.

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    • Bright, Flexible, Durable
    • Various Colours, Sizes and Voltages
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Signage LED Lighting

Have a sign or design that needs to be illuminated and you're not sure how much it costs or how to do it? You've come to the right place. We have the products, the know how and experience to turn your designs into life. We also love a bit of a challenge and have solved problems for TV sets, stages, theatre and travelling shows.... Our showcase product LED Neon Flex, has so many uses you are only limited by your imagination...

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A small snippet of how LED Neon Flex can be used...


Flexible, DIY, Perfect for making illuminated signs...

Creative Designs

Let your imagination and creativity run wild...

Bridge Lighting

Neon style illumination on bridges...

Stage & Theatre

Set and stage design, check out how its been used...

Building Highlights

Add an architectural feature to your building...

Crane Signage

Perfect for that hard to access sign...

Feature Lighting

Create an effective lighting feature...

Cove Lighting

Easy installation with even illumination...

LED Neon Flex Projects


Large Neon Sign Melbourne Hyperdome using RED LED Neon Flex Read More...

WWF - Ape Heads

An interesting display of illuminated ape heads, in crosshairs for the World Wildlife Foundation Read More..

Brisbane Airport

Architectural blue LED Neon Flex Feature installed at Brisbane Airport Read More...

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